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In a Future Filled With Electric Cars, AM Radio May Be Left Behind

Carmakers say electromagnetic interference causes static and noise on AM transmissions, annoying customers. Broadcasters say they could lose a connection to their core listeners, who rely on the radio for emergencies.  Watch Brian's interview on NEWS NATION to learn more.

You pay thousands of $s for a vehicle and you could be facing losing free, over the air AM radio receivers in that vehicle.  This would just be the start of ending free radio in all vehicles.  TIME TO MAKE YOURSELF HEARD TO THE AUTO MAKERS!


REEL COUNTRY 1430AM/107.3FM was at the 79th National Association of Farm Broadcasters Convention on November 16th - 18th in Kansas City. Watch Brian Winnekins' reports as he talked with Ag leaders from around the country about the industry and what is affecting farmers and ranchers now and in the future.

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